sonicwall pro 3060, blocking downloads

Hi all, I have a sonicwall firewall, PRO 3060 (SonicOS Standard 2.2)

TO me, it would only make sense that there would be some sort of setting I could choose to prevent my users from successfully downloading .exe files.

it would be easier than having to touch each computer and making a rule.

am i crazy for thinking that this would be a great feature on my 3060? Maybe it is and I just dont know it... any help or advise is appreciated.

jazz mann

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Not the job of a firewall. That is the job of a content filter.

Yes. And you do that rule on your content filter.

Yes. The sonicwall will integrate with Websense, N2h2, or the sonicwall brand content filter solutions. I have had good luck with websense. Can be set up to block download of executables. I beilieve the sonicwall brand content filter service can do that as well.

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T. Sean Weintz

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