Some rule to block emule by type ?

Hi all,

I'm trying to block some emule's users in my lan.

I use a SuSE firewall and it's possible to specify some custom rules with iptables.

Is it possible to block emule ? Is it possible to use something like a type of packet ?

All what I try block too much or not enough ...... :-)

Many thanks in advance, Alain

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Madame mais monseur listen to me Viva La France Viva La France Hoist THE FLEUR-DE-LIS AND THE CROSS. I say make emule leech prove. I am tired of the french canadians with their feeble bandwidth and caps making fools of us real frenchmen from France. We upload to the world and the canadian frogs are leeches.


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George Saint Pierre

Thats because the laws are different in Canada. In Canada, its illegal to distribute copyrighted material, but illegal to download and keep for your own personal use.

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