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Hi all,

Please excuse my poor english.

I'm trying Sygate Firewall on Windows XP and it seems to be very interesting. For me it is very important to block ALL internet access unless if I accept it when I configure the computer.

I have an Admin and a guest. The final user will only be the guest :-)

But I know that he will try to install or copy some new program to try to surf or chat ...

Is it possible to configure Sygate to block any new program without prompt ?

I must say that Sygate is already password protected, but i would prefer that it blocks silently the new program.

Thank's in advance Friendly Alain

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Sygate is b0rken by design. Maybe you could consider using the Windows-Firewall.

"Blocking outbound" is as b0rken as opening popups. You don't need the two.

Yours, VB.

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