TCP/IP Socket with Problem on Cisco PIX 515

Hi Guys

I have client and server applications which connects via TCP/IP socket. Server is in LAN inside PIX firewall 515. Server has private IP address (10.10.X.XX) and listens on port 8080, which is mapped with public IP address in firewall with static command (static (inside, outside) 203.36.XXX.XXX 10.10.X.XX netmask 0 ). Firewall has access list to allow traffic for 203.36.XXX.XXX on port 8080. (access-list acl_outside permit TCP any host 203.36.XXX.XXX eq 8080)

Clients is outside LAN, connects to server via cloud on


When I try to establish connection to server from client. Server know client (XXX.XXX.XX.XX) is trying to establish connection. However, server throws error 10053.

I tried same application without firewall, it works without a problem.

Can someone please help me to solve the problem..

Regards Dipendra

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