Now getting TWO alerts from ZA when I open my browser

After I updated to ZA v6.1.737.000 a couple weeks ago, I now get *two* alert-boxes when I launch my browser (Firefox 0.9.3). The first box opens before the browser appears (which is what has always occurred previously), but now a second alert-box opens before the default page displays. The IP destination of the first alert-box is xxxx (xxxx varies; usually in the 1200-1300 range); the destination IP of the second alert-box is that of my DNS-server (I'm on RoadRunner). Both alert-boxes report that the program requesting access is firefox.exe, and when I thought more about that I've become suspicious that something 'fishy' might be going on.

When I updated to this latest version of ZA, I simply 'carried over' my old program-control settings (as I always do), so the appearance of this second alert-box concerns me. I initially assumed that this new version added an additional 'scan' that the older versions did not perform, but now I'm wondering if my browser might have picked up a 'hitch-hiker' program that is launching concurrently with it. I ran Ad-aware and SpyBot, but they did not report any malware, and a full virus scan (AVG Free) came back clean. I read all the posts here for the last few days and saw no mention of anyone seeing similar behavior from this ZA release.

(OS= Win98SE)

Does it sound like I have a problem?


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Your Browser is much too old, and has big security problems. You should update immediately.

You don't need Zone Alarm at all. With Windows 98, it is enough to unbind anything from the external network interface with the exception of the Internet protocol familiy / TCP/IP.

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk* are always the local machine and MS uses these for all kinds of stuff. If you look carefully, you will see that a proxy is typically setting here as a filter to your email (in+out) and may be also a filter to your browser as well.

go to

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and lookup cports. when run with admin authority, you can see and learn alot about proxies. hint: your-email-client---proxy----your-isp-services eg: outlook-express:1200----ccApp.exe:1200 -- isp-address:110 outlook is accessing the proxy ccApp.exe (norton) which is accessing the isp:110 (pop3) mailbox

so, is a problem? find out what OTHER port that program has open and chase it back to the IP address it is accessing

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Jeff B

Thanks; I'll do some investigating down the paths you suggested.

FYI: I've been using Forte Agent as my e-mail client for over 10 years; I have it configured to 'pass lock' in ZA so I don't think any of this new behavior stems from that area. The only program where this 'dual ZA warning boxes' problem appears is Firefox....and I took VB's advice and finally upgraded to v1.5 (I'd been procrastinating since last spring!), but the 'dual boxes' still appear.

But I'm still not sure I understand why lauching Firefox suddenly started causing *two* ZA waring boxes to appear....and why this doesn't seem to be happening to other users. I had an idea that maybe two 'instances' were somehow opening, but a CTRL+ALT+DEL shows Firefox listed only once.

Appreciate the help and advice, cheers

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