NIS 2004: Find & delete user-added rule

Hi all. For 2 days I've gotten a frequent alert from Norton's Personal Firewall (2004) saying a remote system is attempting access Microsoft Generic Host Process etc (UDP).

NIS recommended permitting it, but that didn't seem right, esp. sinec the Alert Assistant told me these attempts were coming from China, Hungary, etc.

I blocked it one-time and nothing much changed. This recurred several times. Finally I Googled the message and noted several posters advising to block it always. Given the geographical weirdness I figured this would be appropriate, so I blocked it with "Always use this action."

Well, now, with the firewall up, all email and Internet access is gone. So, OK, evidently I goofed. But now I can't see how to delete (or even find) the rule I created.

I did find one list deep in the bowels of the program noting that the user added a rule here (with the corresponding timestamp), but I don't see any way to identify it, that that screen is *not* the one with the Remove button on it.


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