Netsreen and Symantec

Has anyone had any luck using the Netscreen VPN client and a Symantec Appliance (360R). I have a problem with the Identity used for phase 1 negotiation. Is this ID of type Distinguished Name?



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Matt Summers
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Bruce Sckhneier

It has been some time, but I have successfully connected the two. Symantec was the fussier of the two, as I recall. Symantec has default needs that required a certain setting on the Netscreen...darn! is there advanced or something -- I remeber the Netscreen had the options in a drop-down and one of those worked with Symantec's more closed set-up. I will google a little to see if something jars loose...

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Gregory W Zill

Bruce, Thanks for your pointless crap regarding your political beleifs (which have nothing to do with firewalls) so I hope bush (or who ever it is you hate ) bombs your house.

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