netscreen 5gt for 3 offices and vpns

Hi Spot of advice very much appreciated.

I have to set up 3 offices all of which will have either ADSL or SDSL internet connections serving about 12 people spread across the locations. There will be localised web browsing and a centrally located file server and MS exchange. some file replication will take place although this will be quite small 50 mb max.

The offfices will be connected via vpns and workers should be able to access the network via vpn clients, therefore vpn speed is a key factor although the actual office usage will be restricted mainly to text documents, spreadsheets and email. The offices are located in europe, with no more than 5 XP workstations at any one location and one server in a single office.

I have looked over a bunch of ideas and it seems that 3 Netgear 5GTs (not sure which model yet) would suit the purpose. Before jumping in I wonder if anyone could offer a few thoughts on the suitability of this device ?



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OOps Apologies for getting my names mixed up I mean't 3 Netscreen 5GTs are my suggestion for the job with the remote home workers using the netscreen clients via the internet.

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