Netgear WGR 614 Capabilities

I've read the spec sheet for the subject wireless router/firewall but it isn't all that detailed. The spec sheet says it is a "true firewall" because it has SPI. Hmm... anyway...

Can someone tell me if...

It will accept a private IP as the WAN address?

It will allow forwarding of specific discrete ports?

It is configured via a web browser interface? Telnet?

It will work as a simple wired Ethernet switch or WAP without any real routing?

My customer has one of these in place. I intend to recommend a higher end enterprise capable firewall solution. However, if price becomes his stumbling block I am attempting to learn if this existing router might suffice for his FW needs.



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One thing you might run into trouble with, if you're expecting to use this essentially inside your LAN, it's not designed for that type of througput, it's designed to work with ADSL type speeds of 1 to 3Mbps. Even though the interfaces might be 100Mbps, or even 10Mpbs, it doesn't mean that the box is capable of doing SPI at that speed at all.

If the device is working as a wired switch (IE, traffic running between the wireless LAN interface and the built-in switch) than the traffic is not going through the SPI firewall at all, it's just passing as a switch. It needs to go out the WAN interface, to get firewalled, and that's where the performance bottleneck will be.

This is assuming that this device works like most other entry-level products; there are devices on the market that implement their wireless interface as a discrete interface with it's own firewall rules.


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If it's not ICSA certified, you might not want to use it as a business gateway solution. Netgear does have all wire solutions that are ICSA certified packet filter FW solutions. You could convert the wireless router to be wire/wireless AP switch and plug it into a LAN port on the all wire router with the wire solution as the gateway, which would be in the trusted zone. However, you might want to leave the wireless solution as a router, keeping it out of the trusted zone, if possible.

Duane :)

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