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My guess would be that it's just a problem with Kerio's site. I wouldn't bother reinstalling Kerio yet. Wait for a day or two and see if it clears up. I've seen similar things happen with Sygate's site.

The latest Kerio is 4.1.2 I believe..

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I'm running Windows 98 with Kerio Personal Firewall (full version). I just tried to check for updates and got this message, "An error occurred during update checking. Please try again."

Immediately before trying to update I installed critical update KB889293 from Microsoft. Don't know if there is any connection to my problem.

Is anyone having problems updating KPF? Guess I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling KPF but thought I'd check here to see if anyone has some ideas before proceeding. I hope it is just a problem with the Kerio's website but can't imagine I could be so lucky.

Thanks for any ideas! Lois Hellebust

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You were absolutely right. It started working this morning! Thank heavens you stopped me from spending the whole night in a useless exercise of trying to fix something that wasn't broken. Thanks.


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