Kerio Personal Firewall Discontinued

Yep, another one bites the dust.. In this case, I think they just couldn't overcome their bad reputation on the product, so perhaps decided to just dump it..

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Well, I know that Tiny, which is no longer free, is featuring, in its latest version, the ability to have filtering rules by user. Tiny Personal Firewall Professional, at $99, is the first firewall ever made, hardware or software, that can create filteirng rules, by user name. This is where Tiny will gain an edge over hardware firewalls. No other firewall in the world can filter by user name.

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Charles Newman

Kerio discontinued Dec. 31, 2005.

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Casey Klc

begin quotation from Charles Newman in message posted at 2005-09-03T03:16

Maybe the first one *for Windows* that can do this, but first one ever? False. OpenBSD has been able to do this with pf since pf made it into the source tree with 3.0; I think ipf (Darren Reed's non-free packet filtering code) could do it as well. I'm not sure if iptables in the Linux kernel can do this also, but I would think by now it can.

False, see above, and please don't assume the entire world runs Windows. Unix and its descendants have been around since prior to 1970.

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Shawn K. Quinn

You have not been around long. You may find out more than you'll ever want to know about Tiny. ;-)

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Sorry, not true at all. Countless other firewalls provide this. Amongst them is Kerio Winroute Firewall, a small business and enterprise network firewall. Granted, not for only $99 though.


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What is untrue of course. With the packet filters of every BSD or Linux you can easily script that. Even with the ICF and Windows and three or four lines of script you can do that.

Beside the fact, that this is not sensible, because filtering should not be influenced by user usually. This is a concept flaw in most cases.

Tiny "Personal Firewall" does not filter all network servers in the standard configuration. This makes Tiny unusable for Joe Average.

Tiny cannot prevent spyware from sending your personal information across the Internet; it failed in our tests together with the rest of the "Personal Firewalls".

Tiny does not make a PC "invisible" or "stealth" in the Internet, as this is not possible at all.


Tiny "Personal Firewall" installs SYSTEM-Services, which open windows.

This is a gross error, because this breaches security. Tiny show here, that they never read Microsoft's design guidlines for system services:

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For a software, which should enhance security, this design flow means the declaration of bankruptcy.

Yours, VB.

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