Kerio installation problem

Since Sygate Personal Firewall is not being supported anymore, I decided to switch to Kerio 4.22. After a normal installation, I was surprised that I could not access any websites using by browser Mozilla Firefox

1.5. So now I am back to Sygate until I can figure out why Kerio is not working or can install another firewall. I am using Windows XP. Thanks for any suggestions or advice.
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Check Kereo's settings. You can set it to allow traffic from Firefox.

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Firefox 1.5 works fine with Outpost Pro.

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Why not using the Windows-Firewall and not having such troubles?

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk

On Sat, 28 Jan 2006 21:07:17 -0800, tenplay put finger to keyboard and composed:

Is it possible that a remnant of your Sygate PF (*.vxd) is interfering with KPF?

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- Franc Zabkar

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