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hi all I notice that there are no treads about sygate persoanl firewall.(latest I wonder if this makes it good or bad,?? I took zone alarm off as I was getting conflicts with another program. put sygate personal firewall on and it seems very good. it alows you to do a security check which seems to be effective. The only problem I have with it is that it,for some reason it realy slows one program down that I use all the time which is Epson photoquicker 3.5 this comes with the r300 printer. strange this. Anyone got any views on sygate and why it would slow one program down. I ran wintop to see if it was taking up a large proccessing % but its not.

Thanks grayson

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Sygate has worked very well for me. Installation on an XP and Win98se machines was straightforward. Like most current FWs, passes all hte standard web-based security tests. Sygate has a forum for its products.

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Sygate PFW is well suited for those who don't need or want to tweak the FW. Some have reported roblems with current version, which is Sygate Personal Firewall Version 5.6 Build 2808. However, my version is flawless. At least one download site is:

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Good luck.

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I have been using it for a number of weeks now and have experienced no known problems. Of course, I might not be a totally good example as my systems are also behind netgear firewalls, so I appear to be totally protected from incoming. It has been very useful to validate any outgoing traffic before letting it out.

David Wright

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David Wright Sr.

Sygate is a great firewall. I am using it in all of my systems. Some time back I had a bad experience with a trojan and the only firewall that contained it, until I got rid of it was Sygate. Zone Alarm did nothing about it.

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