How to view/export CheckPoint FW1 Policy offline ?

I have a bundle of routers wich run CheckPoint FW1 in High Aviability. My SmartCenter is on a separate Windows system which also runs the SmartDashboard GUI I use to modify and view the Policy Package.

Those are far from my main office and I'd like to have a mean to view the objects and rules offline on a separate computer. The "Print" menu in SmartDashboard only allows to print the rules but not to retrieve them electronically (best I could do is print to PDF...) and the objects are not listed which diminish a lot the informations I get. I've heard of a tool to export the objects and rules to HTML format but was unable to find it (or equivalent) on Google or CheckPoint support website (tools using OPSEC API, etc...).

Some people only speak about ikeview.exe but this seams to be a debugger system and not a simple way to view rules and objects.

Any suggestions on how to acheive my goal?

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HTH Klaus-D.Heinrich

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Thanks a lot, that's exactly the tool I needed (and the intro of the Wormnet site just feel like my own history ;) )

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