How to view current cisco VPN sessions

Hi, I have a Cisco PIX512 configured for Cisco VPN connections. I suspect someone, using one of the vpn accounts, of connecting to our network by opening a vpn connection. I was able to see allocated ip addresses of current sessions (there is 5 or 6) and I was able to see the name of the souspicious computer but it is protected from anonymous login or share. How to know which vpn account is used to connect with (I will be able to disable it and may be know who is the smart guy if there is one).

Thank you

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Try doing a "sh is sa"

This will show you all the peers connected and their state.


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Charles U Farley

With "sh is sa" I am able to see external ip addresses(and that is a good thing) but how to know which vpn user account has been used to connect with

Thanks for your help

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