Firewall WatchGuard X1000 hangs


I have a Firewall WatchGuard X1000, and it gets regularly hanged. I tried to solve this upgrading the firmware, downgrading, but we still have the same problem.

We replace it for another x1000 Firewall (we have it before on "high availavility mode"), and this gets hanged too. :S

Do you know the same behavior and how to fix it?.

We find a lot of cases on the net, but no solutions.


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Strange, I've got about 20 X1000 in the field and have never seen one hang at any time.

I suggest that if you want help you need to provide a LOT more information.

What type of WAN service do you have?

What type of network (NAT, Drop-In) do you have setup?

What logging do you have enabled?

How many branch office tunnels do you have in place?

What services are your mapping on the firewall?

What type of services do you allow external users to connect to?

Have you contacted WatchGuard Support and if so, what did they say?

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