Watchguard x1000 & sdsl

I have a new site that requires multiple vpn tunnels.

I have bought a watchguard x1000 for this task. We have used this kit before and it works well for us.

However, I have just found out that the site can only get 1meg SDSL (Its UK based). I have looked into bonding SDSL or using Leased lines - both options are too expensive.

My questions is - can I put 2 x 1meg SDSL lines into the back of the firebox and get 2meg sdsl for the vpn users, or is this naive?

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If you just bought a WG X1000 then you would be able to call support and ask them. My take on the X series, as I own a bunch of them, is that without moving to the "e" series you don't get Dual Wan with load balancing.

In either case, a session is only going to use 1 channel and since you can't bind a VPN to anything other than eth:0, you can't split your VPN's between two WAN's even if you had Dual WAN.

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I've a X1000 with a fireware pro installed on.

Reading Watchguard docs it looks like with this software installed on also the X1000 can be used with loadbalancing.

Enabling the second external eth interface you'll find three more options, round robin, failover and routing table (the third seams to be the one you need).

I'm not using it in this way and I'm not sure this solves your prob but you can investigate in this way.

Stefano WCSPF

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