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I cannot get Firefox to work with ZoneAlarm

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wrote in message news: | I cannot get Firefox to work with ZoneAlarm | Runs fine for me. I'm using ZA 5 (free version) on windows ME... and yes, this also works fine for me ! Hope you find your answer as, to me, Firefox seems a lot better than IE and is well worth the "effort".

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Try posting some details of operating system, product version/release and a description of the problem and you'll probably get an answer.



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Some time around 23 Dec 2004 08:50:39 -0800 (give or take a month), someone who says they are named fired up the tubes on the teletype and rambled on about:

Details of the problem?

I have it working with ZoneAlarm Pro version: and FireFox 1.0. (I also was able to get Opera to run with ZA.)


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Double U

I have been using Firefox and ZoneAlarm together for over a year and have never had ANY problems with them not getting along.

Currently using Firefox 1.0 and ZoneAlarm

Give more details as to problem...................................!

- Glen


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Glen McLean

You might try disabling IPv6 for DNS queries in about:config, setting "network.dns.disableIPv6" to "true" as not all DNS resolvers are using IPv6 yet. See

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for detailed information.

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