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There is a standard telco demarc/protector on the outside of my home, installed some time back by Qwest or US West, depending on the year.

Open it up, and there is one of those modular connectors that allows easy isolation from the inside wire. The RJ11 jack is connected to the telco drop, and the modular connector that plugs into it is connected to the inside wire.

My question is this:

Is the actual protector between the telco drop and the modular jack? Or is it between the plug and inside wire?

Tad Cook Seattle, WA

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Marcus Jervis
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The protector is on the telco side of the dmarc. If somebody could show that dangerous voltage entered _their_ property (the inside wiring) from the telco, the telco would be liable for all the damage that it did on the customer premises.

A protector is 'cheap insurance' against such claims.

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Robert Bonomi

The former. There is probably another door you can open with a special tool or, with some twiddling, long nosed pliers. You should find the protector between the screwposts where the drop is attached and the jack. There should be nothing but wire between the jack and the posts for the inside wire. Remember that it's perfectly legitimate to plug your phone or whatever directly into that jack if you want.

R's, John

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John Levine

On the telco side, so they can have you pull the demarc plug, THEN test for the protector & outside plant up to it being shorted to ground. (Protectors *should* fail shorted...)

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