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Hi all, Am a newb to the group. I have been having some real problems for a few months now with security issues. i have Win XP, was running Sygate Pro and Kaspersky. Now I'm running mcAfee Security Suite w/ a D- Link DI-604. I've been unable to get my router to show up in my Network Connections setting to configure. All I get is the Intel NIC card. Now my McAfee won't update and it seems to be showing intrusion attempts from the 192.168.0.X, which is the same IP I'm supposed to have. When I go to's port scaner though, it reads my ISP's IP that is assigned to me. Anyone have an idea on why the D Link isn't showing up and what I'm doing wrong?

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Why on earth would you expect a router to show up there in the first place? A router is a router, not a network interface of your computer.

Big surprise. Not.

That's most likely not attacks, but McAfee boasting how important it is. What are these "intrusion attempts" supposed to be? What's the source address of those packets? What's their destination address? Destination port? Did you try to inspect the traffic with a sniffer?

Besides, it's pretty pointless to obfuscate private IP addresses.

That's not surprising either.

Besides: http//

- You did not read the router's manual.

- You're running software that you don't understand.

- You did not provide any kind of useful information (like the actual messages you get, or how your system and router is configured).


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