(Checkpoint NG) Which ports come under Service "ANY"?


Strange but I have not come across a single document that explains what are all the services that would come if we enable "ANY" under Service for a Security Rule.

I started searching for this when users reported that they are unable to use Terminal services (TCP Port 3389) whilst I can see service "ANY" has been enabled for their traffic.

"ANY" - allows only Known ports (1-1024)?? Does "ANY" includes ICMP traffic too??

Curious to be enlightened. Thanks in advance.

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Usually ANY means ANY. There are exceptions that need to be enabled specifically (usually X11).

Try having a look at the logs. Maybe there is a specific reason for the drop.

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"Any" means any service/port defined in Checkpoint. You need to create a new "service" for TCP port 3389 (I use MS_RDP as the name). There are a number of *.def files in %fwdir%\\lib that are responsible for defining known ports and services.

Wayne McGlinn Brisbane, Oz

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Hello Wayne,

Does "Any" service covers ICMP as well or only IP protocol services ??

cheers Neo

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