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I have been using to Chekpoint. And it checkpoint renewal date came.

I discovered Firewalls and I found Juniper SSG520. SSG520 is see fit to us. But I still indecisive. What can I do?

Can I continue Checkpoint, or change firewall with Juniper.

I want to Checkpoint & Juniper Comparetion table. I need see: "what is what".

Thank you for help.

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Replacing 28 Checkpoint firewalls with Juniper was one of the best things I've ever done.

Also look at the maintenance cost difference - it'll pay for itself.

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ScreenOS differs in that it uses security zones (besides the src, dst IPs, src, dst ports) Once you use this you'll really like it.

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Alan Strassberg

global management of multiple checkpoint machines is far more mature than that of Cisco and Netscreen. Netscreen is a _great_ firewall - however - the policy and global management package from Netscreen is no where near that of the Checkpoint (yet.)

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Agreed. What you save in renewal costs you more than make up for in lost time and additional needed manpower for a large scale complex distributed environment. Check Point is not for everyone, however their new UTM product line that includes the hardware with the license costs is looking very attractive for smaller companies.

Juniper is also having significant market share and growth problems. It will be interesting to see if they still exist as an independent company in a few years. I've never seen an acquisition that let the customers of the acquired company spend less money. The only way Gil Schwed will allow Check Point to be sold is if he can still run it and make a ton more money for himself. He's got it too good now. That being said, the one major piece missing from HP's arsenal is a firewall. :-)


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