2 networks must be made one - question

Hi, I was hired for a company as a web developer and sort of IT support. I was aksed to join 2 existing networks, One network contains 25 pcs printers, a windows server that has fininacial software.

The other network contains some laptops and editors' pcs that need to have access to the internet, so it is connected straight to a linksys modem-router.

I found the existence of the server useless apart for the financial software it runs that is supposed to be accesible only from one computer.Currently this server is a dhcp server too for the first network.

I would like a solution that joins the 2 networks, (I will disable the dhcp server on the server machine). I am looking for a device, preferably linksys or maybe netgear,that will be able to handle all traffic, dhcp service, and limit access to the internet for pcs i do not want. (a complete cut off the internet). do you have any suggestions?

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You need to step up in class with a FW appliance, Watchguard, Cisco, Sonicwall, Snapgear that kind of hardware solution.

You should first understand FW technology before you seek out a solution.

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I am a Web and client server developer too. :)

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