kerio pfw replacement:mission impossible

I've looked at half a dozen firewalls and researched forum discussions on this without success.

So far I have yet to find a firewall that, like the best kerio pfw

2.1.nn accomplished the following:

listing all the rules in one window and allowing modification in the same window.

automatically blocking new programs without me having to worry about a program I forget to make rules about, thus forcing me to decide whether the program is safe.

maintaining a realtime log where you can actually watch in near real time connections and data transfer by IP or domain name listing the rule that applies.

lightweight installs and uninstalls without problems.

many other features I do not see in other personal firewalls.

kerio pfw will not run on windows 7. I may switch to xp just so I can use it again.

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Yep. I was in your shoes back a few months ago. See my

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forum thread. I loved Kerio Personal Firewall in Windows XP Pro SP3 until it started blue screen (a known issue -- see
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, etc.) that forced me to get Outpost Firewall 2009. :/ Currently, I use PC Tools Firewall Plus v7.0.0.123 in my 2.5 months old 64-bit W7 HPE SP1 OS. It's OK though.

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Is it free software?

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Yep! Just old and unsupported.

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