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Windows Firewall?
I just subscribed to a DSL service. I know that I'll be needing firewall protection. Will the Windows XP built-in Firewall be sufficient, or will I need something more substantial? You should look at...
15 years ago 4
EIGRP through Check Point firewalls
Hello all, I have 2 Cisco routing switches (one 6513, one 6509) seperated by a pair of CheckPoint firewalls in High Availability mode running SecurePlatform R60 on Dell 2850 servers. I would like to...
16 years ago
Firewall port 1105 (FTRANHC) & port 1239 (NMSD) ?
Can someone shed light on this message from Sygate Personal Firewall? Firefox (firefox.exe) is being contacted from a remote machine [] using local port 1105 (FTRANHC - FTRANHC). Do you...
16 years ago 1
What is Adobe "SKIP-MC-GIKREQ"? Is it a security hazard?
What is SKIP-MC-GIKREQ? Is it a security hazard? My WinXP PC just popped up this warning from Sygate Personal Firewall: Adobe Acrobat 6.0 (Acrobat.exe) is being contacted from a remote machine...
16 years ago 2
Problem with HTTPS through PIX for OWA
Hi, I am trying to configure one of our customer'sPIX firewall's to allow SSL OWA (they are currently using http, not https). For some reason the commands we have added to other customers PIX...
15 years ago 2
Changed from a software to a hardware NETWORK PLACES won't display computer names
I'm sure this has a simple answer but being as network illiterate as I currently am I could use some help. Previously I was running WinGate on a dedicated machine for NAT and it's "firewall" features....
16 years ago 15
Should I block Fragmented IP Packets?
I'm using a Linksys Wireless-G Cable Gateway. One of the firewall settings is to block fragmented IP packets. Should I? Or will this cause connection problems. Also, should I filter multicast? Thanks...
16 years ago 2
Filter Internet NAT Redirection
My Cisco router has an option to: Filter Internet NAT Redirection The router help says only: "This feature uses Port Forwarding to prevent access to local servers from your local networked computers."...
15 years ago 9