Simple (I think?) Managed Switch Setup

Hi guys,

I'm a bit new to managed switches, but am looking to set one up for a friend of mine that runs a secretarial service and manages the strata for the building as part of that. At the moment, he has a standard switch and all of the offices can see each other's computers. What he'd like to do is use a managed switch (he has an ELS100-24TXM) to isolate port 3-24 from each other (i.e. create a VLAN on each port - i think?) and share the other two ports (1-2) with all of the ports without allowing data across the 3-24 VLANs. Port one and two connect to the Internet connection and a shared server.

I can set up trunking ports and/or egress ports on this router, though i'm not 100% clear on what each does. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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fyi - here's the manual for that old 1998 Cabletron switch -

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Phil Schuman

the other local info that will be impacted - IP address assignment - how are the local IP addresses obtained - DHCP ? remember that VLANs build walls to contain broadcasts.

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