Problem with Gig Link not coming up

Hello - I am using a Intel 82540EM Gig controller with 1 copper Port on my PC (PCI slot) . I have connected this Gig Port to my device(Broadcom) which has Gig Copper Interface and the Link does not come up.

My settings are Auto Nego 1000Mbs FDX on both sides. I have observed the MII Status Registers on my device (Broadcom ) and it shows Auto Nego not completed/Error. Since I have no control on the Intel Side, wondering what could be the problem . Two possibilities are

- MDI/MDIX Crossover is not happening

- Master/Slave Resolution is not hapenning and it is getting to a deadlock

The other observation is that when I connect two of my devices back to back the Gig Copper link is coming up.

any comments from the gurus out there

Thanks Kott

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I thought the Gig connection needed to be FORCED to work. Did you try that?

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Mike Farnham

In article , Mike Farnham wrote: :I thought the Gig connection needed to be FORCED to work.

In my reading of postings, the majority of people I would tend to trust have said that Gig -must- be autonegotiate according to the standards. I have, though, also seen reputable people advise to force gig connections.

My conclusion from reading those messages is that either -some- gig devices are not fully standards compliant, or else that the standards left something ambiguous even though they tried to eliminate the ambiguities.

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Walter Roberson

Update on this: The link did come up and the problem was that the Transmit signal Amplitude was very high. So I lowered the Tx signal amplitude from my Device and the link came up. What was happening previously was that the Link was coming up but after 20 mins or so. But if I used a longer cable then the signal was getting attentuated and link used to come up faster.

From this I concluded that the Auto Nego Link code words signals were getting distorted and the the link partner was not able to decode this. So I reduced the Transmit Signal amplitude from my device and link comes up right away.I need to test it though with different cable lengths. Kott

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