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Hi folks, I need help solving the following problem. I have two LANs, one with ip and subnet, the other with ip and subnet I need to connect the the two LANs using a server (can be Linux or Windows, your choice). One LAN card of the server has ip, the other has, so: | LAN1 -------------- SERVER -------------- LAN2

The question is: how do I set the server to let a host on one LAN to ping another host on the other LAN? Any help is appreciated. Thank you Luca

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I'm not particularily familiar with Linux, but in a number of Unix systems, all you need to do is configure (or "tune") the IP stack to permit forwarding of IP packets between interfaces. The rest of the work would all get handled through the normal Unix routing procedures.

For example, in SGI's IRIX, all that would be necessary would be to become root and command systune ipfowarding 1

In Linux, it's probably something closer to

echo 1 >> /proc/net/forwarding

but that's just an example of the general style; I don't know which file you would need.

If I recall correctly, in Windows, it's one of the security policies ("manage computer" -- mmc) but I couldn't find it in a fish through Windows 2000 Professional. It might have been on XP that I was looking.

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Walter Roberson

Enable forwarding. You can google for it or just see

formatting link

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