IFG 9.6ms for 10Mb/s

Hi, How to caculate 9.6ms for IFG at 10Mb ethernet? Thanks,


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And it's us (microseconds) not ms (milliseconds). The number was chosen in a fairly arbitrary manner in 1979; it reflects the amount of "breathing room" we felt we needed between frames to perform various housekeeping functions: update statistics counters, initiate DMA activity, update receive buffer pointers, etc. It has no relation at all to any other parameters of MAC operation; i.e., it was not "calculated" as a function of prop delays, backoff times, or anything else.

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In article , wld wrote: :How to caculate 9.6ms for IFG at 10Mb ethernet?

You don't calculate it: it is that time *by definition*.

When 100 Mb ethernet was standardized, they changed the definition to "96 bit times".

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