Plz anyone tell me catagories of Cablles used in LAN.

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In article , alitoday wrote: :Plz anyone tell me catagories of Cablles used in LAN.

That depends what you mean by "categories". There were many schemes used before wiring standardization. If you are referring to official standards such as being referred to by "Cat5 cable", then you need to indicate whether you are interested only in standards that have already been ratified, or if you are also interested in standards that are still in draft.

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Walter Roberson

Well, let's see - grey one 6 feet long , and yellow ones 2 feet. Plus on most sites black ones, 4 feet with square ends.

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Well, in my LAN at home there are a bunch of 6-foot white cables and a few 3 and 6 foot blue ones, and a few big thick black ones with a big square connector on one end and a d-shaped one on the other, and a lot of black or white round ones with round connectors, and a few orange ones with little square connectors and a few more orange ones with a kind of oval-shaped connector that's a bit bulky, and a couple of red ones, and a lot of white ones that go into and out of the walls, and a 50-foot green one, and what am I forgetting?

Seriously, this information is available in many places on the Internet, should be in your text, should be in your class notes, your library should have at least one book on cabling if you're taking a class for which that information is required, and if you're lucky it will have a copy of the current revision of EIA/TIA-568.

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J. Clarke

Best place for a discussion about cables is naturally comp.dcom.cabling See you there.

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