Extreme Networks 300-48 Multicast issues


Anyone got any experience with running MC over multiple VLANs on the

300-48, or any Summit box, for that matter?

I am running a MC source in VLAN A, with multiple clients in other VLANs on the same pyhsical 300-48. The application is live TV. I have IGMP snooping, IPMCForwarding and PIM turned on with default settings. Joining and leaving the MC groups is not an issue, but once a client has joined the performance of the stream is not great - I get data loss resulting in picture blocking and glitching every few seconds on all the clients. It looks like a straightforward network performance issue, apart from all the ports are running comfortably below 50% utilisation with no errors, which points me at a specific MC or layer 3 (for the MCforwarding) problem...

More info supplied on request - meanwhile any ideas gratefully recieved :-)



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