Multicast pruning

Can any body plz tell me about

Multicast Pruning



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Second paragraph in the Introduction explains this.

formatting link really NEED to get a hold of all the relevant documents for you projects, thoroughly read them for understanding and then start asking questions. If you are starting out on any kind of serious work, that's what you do.

Otherwise, you method will lead to a shoddy implementation because there will be many questions that will not occur to you, and they may prove fatal to your effort.

We, or at least I can tell, you do not have enough knowledge yet to start what you said you are trying to do, or even ask questions.

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Bob F.

Please read Chapter 10 in "The Switch Book." This *entire chapter* is devoted to Multicast Pruning. You ask question after question, yet you seem to continuously ignore the advice given in the previous answers.

An alternative would be to take an advanced class in networking, or to hire a consultant to provide you with individualized training. (No, I am

*not* offering my services in this regard.)

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Rich Seifert


Hello sir Firstly i tell u what i ask to u is after when i reach to that question during my study.

I m a fresher to that VLAN STP and IGMP and truely when i read some IEEE standards then if i 've some questions i asked to u ...and tell me who is whome not a single query ....

By u'r satements or say couple of sataements dowing my moral ....and this type of thing no suited to u all u knowlwdgeable persons either by saying this may u guide me ..... provide some relevant documents i m doing all this type of reading b'coz i luv the field of networking ...and for my internal satisfaction i contineously reading topics ... yea its true in the world of networking i m .....i m looking for or searching of a solid path for right direction

inspite of answering and provideing material u hasitate me ..... why ................?

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