When Qwest says 48 hours, they MEAN 48 hours.

And the clock apparently only runs on weekdays :-)

My DSL line went sour last week (getting 700Kb/s uploads, but only

100Kb/s downloads on a 7Mb/s down/896Kb/s up line), called in the trouble report last Thursday morning and was told it would be taken care of "within 48 hours."

Now, 48 hours would have been up on Saturday morning, but as of Sunday night the line was still bad.

Checking this AM however, I find all seems well again.

Why do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow?

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Bert Hyman
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Careless & Worthless counts business working hours, so a 48-hour guarantee is a week and a day. 8*|

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William P.N. Smith

Which might account for why the line was back in the crapper when I got home from work this afternoon.

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Bert Hyman

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