Ethernet Braoadband connection to home, assigning static private IP addr?

The local ISP giving Ethernet directly to home as Broadband connection, the technician comes home and asks whether is the PC, he plugs in the RJ-45 cable to NIC, then he assigns static private IP address to the NIC interface, he tells, they have a switch outside, that's where the connection comes from. he assings as IP address and as gateway, if I want to connect any Broadband Router to that, I don''t think I can use any wireless laptop or another PC connected to the LAN port of the Router. they are cheating this is as Broadband connection, how can I believe this is as Broadband connection, there is no other ISP available at all. I am wondering what to do to connect two or three PC's on the Internet.
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You can get one of those firewall/router boxes. Some support WiFi. Then clone the MAC address of your computer into the router. The ISP won't be able to tell the difference. You can then plug what you want into the router.

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