Prosumer router?

[1] No, this isn't an explanation of that, this is an ObSF. Note

>that in the book of Genesis, Abraham repeatedly argues with God. >I don't know whether Jewish law enjoins this on his descendants, >but Jewish folklore does with unremitting zeal. There is, for >example, the story of the rabbi who stormed Heaven. There is the >Golem of Prague. There are any number of stories about Abraham >himself showing him doing this or that, explicitly portrayed as >basically trying to sneak around what God had told him.

There's also the Berdichever Kaddish, AKA Rabbi Levi Yitzhak's lawsuit against God:

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The book you need for the first two paragraphs of this footnote >is by Nathan Ausubel.

Hey, great book! Also his Treasury of Jewish Humor.

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You could roll your own, using Linux. That would give you as much flexibility as you want. Also, some of the Linksys models run Linux and there are many patches available, to add funtion to the box.

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James Knott

Linksys has some "better" products that probably come out of the Cicso takeover that have lots more features. IMO time restrictions are a comsumer feaure and these are corporate products so you may be out of luck. SMC makes some nice network products too.

For Linksys Take a look at this: (Scroll down)

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Al Dykes

If you want that type of flexibility, you may want to invest in a small (like 800 series) Cisco routers.

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Hansang Bae

Watchguard products offer this capability, and much more, but their stuff is not cheap. Expect to spend between $400-$1000+.

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I seem to recall that Zyxel also offers this capability in their ZyWall product line, but I'm not certain. Check
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Again, expect to spend more than you would for a typical consumer box (but they're nowhere near as expensive as Watchguard until you get up into their really high-end stuff).

You might also look into Netgear's ProSafe line of products.

Happy hunting.

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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee

My Siemens router gives me this capability for outbound. Range of IPs to range of ports for times of day. But only a limited number of entries.

Inbound is set one port to one local IP. No times. If needed, I'd control times at the server.

-- Robert

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