i want to simulate csma/ca.tell me which ns-2 support csma/ca and want the source code of csma/ca

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You'll have to talk to Steve Jobs about that--far as I know Apple is the only outfit that every put csma/ca into a commercial product.

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J. Clarke

You are, of course, referring to LocalTalk, the LAN built into all early Macintoshes. Steve Jobs probably doesn't know much about the details; the guy to talk to would be Gursharan Sidhu. ;^)

However, the basic arbitration method used for 802.11 (WiFi) is also CSMA/CA, and there are a LOT of commercial products in that space. Not all of them are from Apple, although all of the 802.11 products in *my* possession *are* Apple-branded.

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Rich Seifert

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