Beware of PTC Tel,Prospect Tel from Oregon

They are out of Oregon and resell Telco equipment. We have been scammed by them for over $6500.00.

Don't do business with them, you will regret it!

Beware of PTC Tel,Prospect Tel from Oregon

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Red Creek sent older used version - made us pay shipping up front - over

$1700 in shipping now sunk - they scammed us!

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Not exactly, Pal!

We took an order of $6500.00 worth of ADC digital crossconnect cards. These cards come in only one version (meaning no A or B or C varieties).

Some guy named "Bob" (probably not his real name) at PTC sent us a PO (I can post the PO to prove my point, but, what's the point!).

Being we shipped the product out (over 200 pieces worth much more than $6500.00 they agreed to pay for shipping.

Evidently, these jerkoffs had another buyer who backed out of the deal, yet they still took hold of MY product. We called for 10 weeks straight, getting no replies at all. We left probably about 40 messages with our telephone number and contact information to no avail. They completely ignored us!

Now, we are not a big company, and WE HAD TO PAY OUR PEOPLE FOR THE CARDS THESE IDIOTS ripped us off. So, not only we lost the $6500.00 from stolen property, but we had to pay for the cards from whom we bought the cards off of!

So, we are out about $10500.00.

We then told PTC we are going into collections with them, and we have contacted their BBB in their area. Then all of a sudden they left The Dalles, OR. and closed up shop. Their phone was answered by a motorcycle shop who told us they moved to Idaho. We got scammed bigtime. I, in my

20 years in this industry NEVER got screwed from anyone up until these charlatons.

This all started in July BTW. Then in early December we get a email from some company who said they bought out PTC and would like to settle the debts to us. We settled for $2000.00 and YET TO SEE A CHECK!!!!

Stear clear of these me!

Joe Perkowski Redcreek

631 594 1095


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