a question about firmware

i have a question wanna ask

what's firmware in a switch or router? (what does it do? how is it different from Layer 2 code/protocols?)

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Firmware is a term generally used to refer to operating code for a microprocessor (which all switches and many hubs have), stored in one or more non-volatile memory devices. Said code tells the microprocessor, and its associated peripheral devices, how to do what they're doing in any given circuit.

When reference is made to 'FLASHing new firmware,' or some similar term, what happens is that this same operating code gets replaced with a newer version. The capitalized 'FLASH' portion of the verb comes from the fact that many devices store their firmware in a type of non- volatile memory called a 'FLASH' device.

I have no idea if FLASH is an acronym or trademark in this context.

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