XP Machine on 2 VLAN's

I need to perform certain monotoring on 2 VLAN's. At the minute I have 2 XP machines on each of these VLAN's doing this.

I'd like to do this with only 1 PC - I know how to do it but I'm worried about security. These 2 VLAN's need to be comnpleted isolated and there is no inter vlan communication allowed.

I would appreciate your thoughts / comments on how best to go about this in a secure manner.

Regards Michael

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Of course you could use two NICs, but the better way is to setup

802.1q trunking on the switch and use a NIC that understands trunking. Many of the new NICS do. You could create an ACL on the SVI or the subinterface for the security.
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Intel Pro 1000MT NICs do this quite well...

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Steven B

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