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I am beginning to look at adding VLAN's to our (legacy) network, and am unsure how to approach the process - I have many Cisco certifications (CCNA, NP, DP) but have not taken on a project of this magnitude before, and would really appreciate any advise that may b out there.

Essentially I have a flat network with approx 2000 (I know!) machines on it. We have a comms room which houses all servers, about 50 in total. The network is addressed as follows 10.1.x.x /16. Machines get addreses

10.1.100-150.x, and servers are assigned 10.1.241.x

There are about 30 different wiring closets, all connected via fibre back to the central comms room, connecting into one of two 6509 switches, with sup

720 engines installed. Each closet either has a 3550 or a 3548 switch.

All ports on the network are in VLAN 1 at present.

I thought about configuring a seperate VLAN for each closet - unsure if this is the way to go, as the essential traffic pattern is all machines want to connect to the central servers, however my main concern is how to introduce VLAN's while still maintaining the legacy network. I obviously need to change at the least the subnet on the servers so as to bring them into their own VLAN, but how will I leave access from the remininig machines as I move over each closet to VLANS.

Any thoughts or comments, ideas etc would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards Gerard Gallagher

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