VLAN interfaces on Layer 2 switch

As far as i know Cisco switches 2950 and 2970G is Layer 2 and is unable to route between VLAN's. Am I right on this?

I have been taking over some of these in a network environment, and is unable to figure out why there on top of VLAN's in the VTP database is defined several VLAN interfaces.


-- cut -- interface Vlan1 no ip address no ip route-cache shutdown ! interface Vlan3 ip address no ip route-cache ! interface Vlan6 no ip address no ip route-cache ! interface Vlan10 no ip address no ip route-cache !

-- cut --

If this is only used for administration, could anyone tell me why Vlan interface 1,6 and 10 is defined in this example?

Mvh Henrik

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Henrik Larsson
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It seems like mistake or poor configuration. Catalyst 2950 switch allows the only one L3 interface to be active, and it's the management interface. If you check the status of these interfaces (show ip interface brief), you will see that the only VLAN3 interface is in Up/Up state. So, you may safely delete all unneeded interfaces (except Vlan1).

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So even though "interface Vlan1" is not configured with an ip-address, and set to "shutdown" I shouldn't delete this?

Best regards Henrik

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Henrik Larsson

I think you'll find it can't be deleted.

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