WS-X4515 on Cat4006 / which IOS

Hi all!

I am trying to set up a SUP IV (WS-x4515) on a spare Catalyst 4006. We are using these usually on Cat 4506 and they work like a charm.

But now when i try to boot the cat4006 all i get is an error: Unsupported chassis type 24, system can not boot

Though this image (cat4500-entservicesk9-mz.122-46.SG.bin) is mentioned to work on ciscos software advisor to work with cat4006?!

What to do?

thanks for any hint, christian

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Christian Lox
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Unambiguously says that Supervisor Engine IV (WS-X4515=) is good on 4006, 4503, 4506, 4507R.

and the SE needs Release 12.1(12c)EW or later.

Error message does not turn up anything on cisco search.

Have you tried without any linecards?

Seems odd to me - guess something must be broken.

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It was always my understanding from way back when, that the Sup IV/V was for the 4500 chassis only. (as well as the II+).

That was a big draw for me to drop the 4000 series chassis with the Sup I and Sup II's and move up to the 4500 chassis.

Maybe some typo's snuck in somewhere to Cisco's lit and into the FN?

Although the EOL notice for the cat4006 chassis has a statement abuot a bundle with the Sup IV 4006 bundle.


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