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Hello Gurus,

I am a networking newbie, working on a project to upgrade the current VPN gateway in my company. Here's the scenario: I have a VPN gateway at a remote site which I would call as C. There are two VPN gatewy's A and B at my current site. B is the main gateway and A is a backup in case B fails. I have setup Site-to-Site Tunnels on all these gatewyas with appropriate security associations. I am using the IPSEc security profile. C has tunnels to both A and B.B tunnel has metric 0 and A has metric on

  1. B has a tunnel to C and knows that its failover option is A. I have tested the tunnels manually and they seem to work fine. My question to you guys, Currenlty I setup a static route on the core at the current site to route all traffic to C through VPN gateway B. In

case of B failing, I will have to manually change this route to go through VPN A. Is there a way by which I could automate this routing change? I am using Shiva 3115 VPN gateways and they have an option to configure

OSPF. Do I need to setup dynamic routing on the VPN gateways or on the main core?And how?

Thank you in advance. Ankit

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The Shiva documentation is available via

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. In particular [eicon owns Shiva],
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Eicon offers technical support contracts for Shiva products:

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I checked the Eicon press releases, and it doesn't appear to me that Eicon has been bought by Cisco (or vice versus.)

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