Cisco pix 515 + static routes between 2 cisco pix

Hello everybody...

I have a big problem with static routes... i have 2 cisco pix 515 with ios 6.3 and 2 interfaces

A) cisco pix "A" have 3 VPN tunnels to 3 diferent remotes office Network A (remote office 1) Network B (remote office 2) Network C (remote office 3)

B) Cisco pix "B" has no vpn tunnels, but i need to those guys which are connected to this pix... have access to vpn`s tunnel (Network A-Network B-Network C) on PIX "A".

C) internal interfaces of Pix "A" and "B" are in the same network and have connectivity eachother (i can ping internals interfaces of both pix)

What i made:

1) inside Static route on pix "B" forwarding those vpn`s network to pix "A". 2) I made no nating (nat 0) to vpn´s networks on pix "B"

Could you please help me with this huge and terrible problem? Im stuck right now Thanks in advance Greeting


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