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I am educable. I got my CCNA by reading the books, figured out ISDN and PRIs through Google and cisco.com, sussed WAN encryption and IP unnumbered and all the fiddly bits that make my wide and local networks work.

Now I need to build a backup datacenter, and design a network that will fail over to the backup datacenter, and configure servers so that they can run hot and be maintainable. Those of you who have gone through this, where did you get the knowledge and where would you recommend turning? Is the CCDx path worth going down or is there another set of courses? I get the feeling the next year or so is going to be a learning experience.

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S. Checker
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As long as networks are built, there is always a need for network designers. Knowledge comes from reading, experience comes from practice. Both are critical. If you practice everyday your skills improve. I'm pretty sure you already know it, but this is the main key to success. You've already succeeded by passing CCNA after studying on your own.

Good luck whatever your choice is.


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