VPN Tunnel - Keepalive NOT SET

I posed the following question (in part) to this board before & got 1 response (that I needed to enable SNMP?) (why I'm not sure).....

I've got a few Cisco 1811's connected over a VPN - I'm using some freeware utilities to monitor network status.

I often get messages like the following:

1) Plugin timed out after 10 seconds and 2) Socket timeout after 10 seconds Could this be due to the following: Tunnel1 is up, line protocol is up

--> Keepalive NOT SET

I'm also seeing sporadic packet loss, a little bit.

My question: would setting a specific timeout (for the Tunnel) allow for 1-3 packets potentially being dropped? Would it allow the VPN to stay up, while/if this happens?

Thank you!

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