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Hi. I'm trying to see if KEEPALIVE mechanism that works on ipv4 GRE tunnels is also operative in ipv6ip tunnels. Although you can happily configure keepalive params in the interface, I can't see any effect (or even keepalive traffic) on both tunnel ends, so please if anyone can give me some hint/advice about what IOS or equipment is known keepalives works for ipv6ip tunnels, or even if this has been documented somewhere that it work/don't work, that would be really great.

Sincerely, it doesn't make me much sense to have interfaces that are always up (even when you shut down the other end)...


JP Cerezo

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No, it won't because the protocol doesn't support them.

Just send ICMPv6 packets to the machine at the other end. That is what SixXS (see "

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") use to monitor the remote ends of the tunnels they provide.

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Matthias Scheler

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