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Can anybody here recommend a home router that supports VPN passthrough connections to seperate VPN gateways?

For example:

1 home router (LINKSYS BEFSX41), 2 laptops with VPN client software, each laptop making a VPN connection to two totally different networks.

My situation is when I connect to network 1 first I am able to check email, terminal service, ping, etc no problems.

I then launch the VPN connection on the 2nd laptop going to a totally different network. Get successfully connected as I did with the first connection. Once connected I am able to do all I descbribed with the first connection. Problem is the first connection now is unable to do email, terminal service, ping remote DNS servers, etc. But I still retain my VPN connection and can ping the DHCP assigned gateway to both remote gateways. That is it.

If I disconnect the 2nd connection, I then am able to resume those actions (ping, email, etc)

I contacted Linksys Tech support and they have their support outsourced to India. It was very difficult getting the two tech's there to understand the problem, let alone understand them. They ended up telling me it was probably a problem with my cable modem or ISP. Again, I am able to VPN to each network with no problems. Problems occur only when I intitiate the second VPN connection while the first VPN session is active. Both VPN session to seperate networks.

Hoping somebody can shed some light.

Since Linksys is a division of CISCO I figured I'd post my question here. Any advice appreciated

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You may wish to investigate Toms 2006 Hardware Router Comparison Chart:

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As well as Linksys Community Forums:

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Brad Reese

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Have you checked your route tables when the second connection is active, then inactive? Check this on the PCs and router.

In the M$ world, when using PPTP VPN, we have an option to not use the def gtwy on the remote network thus allowing a connection to the VPN network and maintain our local connectivity and web access.

Just a passing thought, but hope it helps

Digital Doug

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Houston SBC

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