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We want to replace our 501 PIX with a 515 PIX, in order to give greater throughput over our VPN to the 515's in our data centres.

Both PIX's are running the same IOS 6.3(4) with identical line for line confgigs. I copy and pasted the entire configuration from the 501 to the 515. Most things on the PIX work, internet access, VPN's etc. However I am unable to ftp in too our ftp server, and our VIOP phone system stops working, by plugging the 501 back in everything works fine again.

If the configs are identical why would some of the services work and not others?

Or is there something I am missing because they are different hardware?

regards Paul Roberts.

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Are you sure the VPN's are working? If you just copy and pasted from a show config there is no way they could be working. The crypto keys are not displayed in a show config. The only way to get them clear text is to do a wr net to a tftp server on the lan. You could then copy and paste that config in since the keys would be clear.

Next option would be to post both configs and we'll take a look.

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Brian V


Yeah I did a write net to get the crypto keys, so the VPN's are fine. I used win merge to the check the configs so I know they are line for line the same.

what sections would you need to look at?

Thanks Regards Paul Roberts.

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You may need to clear the ARP cache of the servers that are not reachable.

If they still have the PIX 501 MAC address in their ARP cache it will not work

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Ah Ha, could point!

Do you know how to clear the arp cache on Linux?

save me googling it...

Thanks Regards Paul Roberts

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