vpn client on Linux machines with e1000 NIC

I've installed the vpn client:


on several Linux machines without any problems.

However, if the machine has an Intel NIC (e1000 driver), it doesn't work. The tunnel is established, I can ping through the tunnel, but nothing comes back.

On the same machine, it works in Windows 2000.

On the same machine, it works using the opensource vpnc client in Linux.

I would rather not use the open source vpn client as the performance is not as good as the cisco client.

Any suggestions what to look for? I've tried to reduce the MTU on the client, but this makes no difference.


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Mogens Kjaer
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Thanks to SN, who sent me a private email regarding this problem. I'll post the solution here in case someone else runs into this problem:

The problem is fixed by upgrading the e1000 driver to the latest release. This is currently 7.3.20. The new driver is available at:

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needs to be rebuild after every kernel upgrade.


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Mogens Kjaer

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